At The London Beekeeper we have a vision of responsible urban beekeeping that is part of an evolving, healthy, thriving, urban landscape and ecosystem in London.

It’s a future where cities are greener, healthier and more biodiverse. Where more and more spaces in cities provide habitat and forage for pollinators. Where architects, town planners, parks, land owners, local and national government, community groups and homeowners all help to make their cities more pollinator and people friendly. Where urban landscapes provide beauty, health benefits, food security, climate change resilience and pollinator security. Urban [and rural] spaces must evolve to better suit us and nature.

The good news is, we’re not alone in having this vision and work has already begun! There are exciting projects happening all across London [and the world!] changing the fabric of our cities. We think the changes over the next 50 years will be profound and inspiring for future generations.

We believe that urban beekeeping is an important part of this changing landscape, and we think responsible urban beekeeping [and other farming] is not only possible but vital for sustainability and food security – adding redundancy to traditional rural beekeeping [and wildlife] that is under attack from pesticides, over farming, soil erosion and habitat and wildlife loss. We don’t want a future where we are so heavily reliant on imported honey [as we are now]. Locally and regionally produced foods have many benefits as we know.

This is why we are taking the following action:

  • Promoting responsible urban beekeeping as best practice
  • Engaging with clients to improve forage and habitat onsite
  • Promoting low density hive numbers
  • We have already started a number of greening projects
  • We have said goodbye to clients that don’t want to be part of this transformative journey
  • We work with world leading greening partners to provide the spaces our clients, their bees and local pollinators need
  • We work with clients towards provide a forage surplus from their sites
  • We can advise enquirers on how they can help pollinators in direct and in-direct ways. We can also find responsibly farmed honey from our list of trusted producers
  • We accept donations that help fund our pollinator friendly greening projects

London is only at the beginning of a journey towards food and pollinator security, climate change resilience and the beautiful, greener, healthier capital we could all benefit from and enjoy.

If we work together amazing things are possible!